Julia Sawicka ,,Music of Sting for Orchester & Jazz Combo ” 22-26.05


Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen, Personen auf einer Bühne, Musiker und Konzert
at Polish Radio  Trojka – Warsaw
copyright picture by Zbigniew Dabrowski

Wer an der Stelle Sting Cover erwarte, wurde eines besseren belehrt.

Die polnische Sängerin Julia Sawicka hatte sich für dieses Projekt etwas besonderes überlegt.

Mit einem Orchster aus Lviv / Ukraine , der polnischen Band und dem Gast Solisten HpSalentin,

brachte sie die Musik auf die Bühne, die einen starken Eindruck beim Publikum hinterlies.

Bild könnte enthalten: 6 Personen, Personen, die lachen, Personen auf einer Bühne
copyright picture by Zbigniew Dabrowski
die polnische Allstar Band :
Michal Kapczuk Contra-Bass
Pawel Kaczmarczyk Piano
Julia Sawicka Vocal
HpSalentin  Tp & Flgh
Marcin Jahr Drums


Score Jazz Orchester in Venlo 21.05








Conductor Frank Steeghs & HpSalentin



the Conductor of Score Jazz Orchester

Frank Steeghs

did a outstanding job !   Txs my Friend !


Diesmal wurde HpSalentin als Solist eingeladen und

so spielten sie im 2ten Teil ausschließlich seine Kompositionen…

eine wirklich gute Band , die das Material sehr gut geprobt hatte und mit  wirklich guten Solisten

Thxs for that Concedrt, Ladys and Gentlemen !

and big thxs to Jack Geerling for organizing this event…..

20170521_115912 at Rehearsal………taking over for some minutes…..


Big Band Workshop- 6 /7.05- Westphalian Masterclass in Steinfurt

Und es geht in die nächste Runde ,









unter der Leitung von HpSalentin wird anm folgenden Wochende in Steinfurt

alt bewährtes und neues Big Band Material der Band geprobt.

Libertango ( Piazolla ) , Birdland ( Zawinul ) , Fools on the Hill ( Beatles )

und auch Kompositionen von HpSalentin werden geprobt.

hier ist ein schöner Link von einem Konzert aus Belgorod / Russland

dort wurden fast ausschließlich Salentin,s Kompositionen gespielt.




New CD,s ,,Try to feel ” & ,,Quests”

2 new CD,s on Dewey-Records

CD ,,Try to feel ” &  ,,Quests”

alle CD,s gibt es zum Download

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CD Laura & Kristina Marti ,,TRY TO FEEL”


This album ,,Try to Feel “ is new international project of ukrainian jazz vocalists Laura Marti & Kristina Marti and

german trumpet player Hans Peter Salentin, who meet together in Ukraine for compose and play music.

The collaboration started some years ago at Cho Jazz ( Poland) summer 2015

In 2016 they toured  Ukrainia and performed in Lviv / Kiew / Odessa

Kiew,  Oktober 2016 they recorded the CD  ,,Try to feel“

9 original compositions by the musicians

we are very happy to announce this CD on DEWEY RECORD


NATALIYA LEBEDEVA –  piano & keyboards

         KRISTINA MARTI-vocal
         IGOR ZAKUS – bass

         ROMAN YAKOVCHUK – drums & percussion
         HANS PETER SALENTIN –  trumpet, flugelhorn


CD Nataliya Lebedeva : ,,QUESTS”


LAURA MARTI – vocal & poetry reciting
VIKTOR PAVELKO – tenor and soprano sax
NATALIYA LEBEDEVA – arrangements, piano & keyboards
ROMAN YAKOVCHUK – drums & percussion
HANS PETER SALENTIN – special guest, trumpet, flugelhorn (2,4,5,7)
recorded Oktober 2016 / Kiew- Ukrainia
The creation of this album has been inspired by the genius of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin
and some of his great works. Great music is always an infinite of Universe.
The world around us is full of enigmas and unexpected things.
In the same way music never fully reveals its secrets and mysteries.
The changes of life are reflected in music, which sounds inside us.
Jazz holds an incredible power of mirroring the dynamic flow of the time.
The power of questing. Our QUESTS is a peculiar point of view of the imperishable beauty of Copin’s music.




Producer/Composer/Piano : Stanislav Zaslavsky
Trumpet & Horns : Hans Peter Salentin Germany
Flute & Spoken Words : Cheryl Pyle  New York
Drums & Percussion : Laurent Planells   France
Guitar & Sitar : Max Ridgway   NY
Bass : Sean O’Bryan Smith   USA
CD Photo Art : Maria Sartori Spencer

Kazhargan World | Destinations

please get on :



“A Marvellous New Album from Stan Z and his international trans-global players – I love this group!
No-one would think this collaboration takes place at such great distances apart – from the 6/8 sitar riff at the start of ‘Destinations’ – the title track –
I am reminded of so much good music that I don’t know where to start – the flute harmonies remind me of the Brecker Brothers –
and soon we are into a great rolling 5/4 groove which supports freewheeling improvisations from everyone in the group –
the polyphonic dialogue has a rapturous and sublime mood to it which reminds my of John Coltrane’s spiritual jazz.
‘Equilibrium’ is just that – a track of poise and balance – delicately mixing ballad like sensitivity with forceful brass section lines –
everyone is listening extremely hard and playing the spaces beautifully – interjecting skilful economical phrases in a continuous group dialogue –
outstanding trumpet work at the end of this track – all in all, this is going to be another firm favourite with those who wisely took the step to get into the first Kazhargan World album –
Stan Z’s playing is supportive and understated throughout – stepping forward whenever necessary –
I particularly like the ability he has to make a chordal figure appear like the Sun coming out from behind the clouds.
Outstanding playing from all concerned – recommended listening.” © Ben Williams


Auf You Tube Concert ! Hans Peter Salentin Music for Big Band : ,,TRAVEL”

Das Konzert wurde am 29.03.2017 in Belgorod Russland in der Philharmonie aufgenommen.

Danke auch an die ,,Deutsche Botschaft ” in Moskau für Support !

Hans Peter Salentins Music for Big Band : ,,TRAVEL”

All Music composed by Hans Peter Salentin
1st Set:
1.Take your time
3. It,s up to you
4. James Bond

5+6 Vocal
Fever -Summertime
Diana Stepanidenko Vocal
Nikita Mochalin Tenor Sax

2nd Set:

2.From Dusk till Dusk
3.Penguin Dance
4.Dear Claudio
5.E- Mail on Monday

Igor Ovcharov – conductor
Vlada Seredina – alto sax, flute
Roman Grigorian – alto sax
Denis Tulinov – tenor sax
Alexandr Ankilov – tenor sax
Alexandr Patochkin – bari
Vasily Ivaschuk – trombone
Dmitry Saitov – trombone
Victor Skrynnikov- trombone
Vadim Gladkikh – trombone
Nikolay Kravchenko – trumpet
Pavel Vdovin – trumpet
Anatoly Butin – trumpet
Stanislav Chekusov – trumpet
Gennady Makarov – trumpet
Dmitry Chernykh – drum
Andrey Kormishin – percussion/drum
Pavel Mogilnichenko – bass
Andrey Nikitchenko – guitar
Sergey Zavaruev – piano
Vera Chekusova – piano